Acne Serum For Acne Treatment

Acne treatment and Acne Scars: here are the anti-blemish serum that will help you eradicate it
Particularly present on the forehead, nose and chin, skin problems do not always disappear with age... A few drops of these magic serums can make all the difference!

Blackheads, sensitivity to pimples, acne eruptions… Even in adults, imperfections can be part of everyday life and become a real wound to be eliminated. There are many factors that solicit them without your knowledge: excess  consumption of fatty foods, lack of sleep... To give them no chance, we put on the application of an anti-blemish serum ( morning and/or evening on clean skin before applying a moisturizer) to act strong!

The goal? Eradicate blemishes by controlling excess sebum. Thus we prevent their appearance and we put on a more uniform skin. Easy to apply and quick to use, the anti-blemish serum is your best everyday ally for clearing the way. A tour of our 10 favorite targeted treatments to say goodbye to these little daily hassles.

Auragano Acne Fighting serum ultra-concentrated salicylic acid and tea tree oil serum

Its plus? The peeling effect it provides thanks to its base of salicylic acid and glycolic acid is counterbalanced by the presence of Niacinamide, ultra soothing.

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