Best remedy for dark circles

Best remedy for dark circles

3 Natural Remedies To Eliminate Dark Circles Fast.

Dark circles are often synonymous with great fatigue But this is not the only cause! They can also be a hereditary consequence, allergic or simply the fact of aging. In any case, we will agree that it does not give a super sexy look! Well today, I intend to show you how to make those unsightly dark circles disappear naturally. Because yes, it is possible to get rid of it without resorting to cosmetic products that prevent the skin from breathing. The proof, I who was surrounded like a panda, the contours of my eyes have become radiant again. Discover 3 natural home remedies to erase dark circles around the eyes.


1- Aloe vera to remove dark circles

In addition to having many virtues for the body, aloe vera is a great tensor and concealer. Simply apply a little aloe vera gel (preferably organic) around the eyes for it to take effect. Be careful though: this part of the face being delicate, aloe vera can irritate it very slightly. To avoid this and obtain perfect care, mix aloe vera with a little organic calophyllum oil. The associated properties of aloe vera and this healing and circulatory oil work real miracles


2- Green tea for Dark Circles

You probably drink green tea to drain toxins from your body or for other benefits. Well, know that the antioxidant properties of this tea also help to better stimulate blood circulation. This tea is therefore a perfect decongestant and a perfect concealer, which is also totally ecological. And as my grandmother used to say, "don't throw away your used tea bags! Put them in the fridge and use them the day your eyes are puffy or tired". You just have to put them on each eye for a few minutes, a bit like compresses, for a perfect result.


3- The cucumber for bags under eyes

Have you ever wondered why we put cucumber slices on our eyes? This is simply because cucumber is super hydrating and contains copper. Copper forms collagen and collagen is very good for regenerating the sensitive contour of your eyes. Put 1 organic cucumber in your fridge, cut 2 slices and put them on your puffy eyes for a few minutes.


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