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Lip & Cheek Tint:

It's not really revolutionary and yet, we rarely dare to wear the same color on the lips as on the eyes and cheeks! However, this association has everything to please: trendy, colorful, requiring little make-up, we dare Auragano Lip and Cheek Tints

What colors to choose to make up lip, cheeks and eyelids?

On the eyelids, it is easier to dare to wear all the colors from red to peach, passing through yellow, green, pink and even black, white, silver, etc. But as far as the lips are concerned, we are generally a little less daring and the palette of shades we allow ourselves generally focuses on shades of pink and red, or even orange and purple for the more adventurous.  As a result, it is better to choose the shade of your auragano lip and cheek stains We dare: red - very trendy on the eyes -, peony pink, light and fresh pink, peach and burgundy, purple. More original? We bet on plum, brown, brick orange and Terracotta ... and we can try all the shades as long as we are ready to dare them on the lips

How to make a Auragano Lip and Cheek Tints?

The secret is first of all to choose your lipstick color well... and to use the same cosmetic to make up both the eyelids cheeks and the lips. And in any case, it involves diverting one or other of its beauty products!

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