How to eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eyes?

Here i am going to explain 7 suggestion with remedy of dark circles.

#1 Use makeup remover to avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes

Do not rub your eyes to remove the waterproof mascara. It will only irritate that ultra-sensitive area of ​​your face. Opt instead for a makeup remover specific to waterproof makeup and cleanse your eyes gently, with delicate movements, without stretching the skin or pressing it unnecessarily.

#2 Use cold spoons to remove dark circles

Place two scoops in the freezer for 15 minutes and place them over your eyes, cup against skin. The cold is known to reduce inflammation and tone the skin.


#3 Do concealer massages

Gently massage the contour of your eyes with your index finger, starting from the inner corner of the gaze and gently tapping the eyelid to stimulate blood circulation. This will relax tired eyes.


#4 Apply Under Eye Balm

There is nothing more simple ! Use an Under Eye Balm to moisturize this area, smooth fine lines and stimulate microcirculation. These products enriched with repairing and draining ingredients will improve the elasticity and general appearance of this delicate surface. Not sure where to start your search for the perfect treatment? Discover Auragano Under eye balm to how to get rid of dark circles.

#5 Use cornflower water for dark circles and puffiness

Cornflower is a European flower whose distilled water has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. Cornflower water is therefore a natural remedy for tired eyes because it soothes and revitalizes. A few drops will illuminate the whites of your eyes and give you a fresh look.

#6 Apply tea bags to your eyes

Brew two bags of tea (preferably black or green) and let them cool before applying to your closed eyes. Theine (the oxidized polyphenols found in tea) is known for its stimulating properties, while tannin reduces swelling and soothes the eyes. After only a few minutes, your gaze will be awake again. Chamomile tea also works the same way.


#7 Apply cucumber slices to your eyes
With its high water content, cucumber is known for its moisturizing properties. Before going to bed, apply two slices of cucumber to your eyes for 10 minutes. You will wake up fresh as a rose!

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