Lip Balm for Dark Lips

Lips blackened by cigarettes, it's really not glamorous... But what to do?
All smokers ask themselves this question. So, I give you here an infallible recipe to find a luscious and dewy mouth without effort. And all that, just with natural and inexpensive products. It was a beautician who gave me her tips for removing tobacco-stained lips. It's a protocol in 3 ultra easy steps... and above all downright effective!

1- Remove dead skin by exfoliating:
The first thing to do is to exfoliate the lips. Why ? Because it removes dead skin. And it is the dead skin that retains the black color of the tobacco. So you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. For this, no need to ruin yourself in exfoliating care in the trade. You can simply make your homemade lip scrub with coffee grounds. It's 100% natural, super effective and completely free. For an attack cure, exfoliate your lips every day for a week.

2- Loosen lips with lemon
Now that your lips are exfoliated, we can move on to phase 2: stain removal. For this, a single natural ingredient is enough: lemon. Cut a slice of lemon not too thin. Then, pass it over your lips, pressing lightly to extract the juice. Finally, massage with your fingers, spreading the juice and insisting on the stained areas. Repeat the operation every day for a week. Lemon fades spots on the skin naturally. But be careful, it should not be used on a sunny day. Lemon also dries out the skin, so remember to put on some homemade lip balm afterwards. A few times a week, I mix a little lemon in honey. I apply this mixture on my lips to nourish the mucous membranes and soften them.

3. Hydrate your lips with sweet almond:
Now that your lips are back to a rosy color, let's move on to step #3. Moisturize your lips every night before bed with sweet almond oil. Massage the lips with your fingers to penetrate the oil. Above all, do not wipe, the oil must act all night. After a few days, your lips are plumped up. But guess the best? Sweet almond oil prevents tobacco from staining your mouth again. The smile of a star is yours! Remember one thing: the drier the lips, the more likely they are to stain.

Lip Lightening Balm:  
Auragano Lip lightening balm has all the qualities explain above. its the best lip balm for dark lips. Using it daily twice a day will start giving you the results in few weeks. As it is naturally made so it can take time to give your desire results. We know you love your Lips and it the best lip balm for pink lips of yours.

try it once.

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