Tips to fight dark circles naturally


Certain fruits and vegetables, certain herbs and plants as well as certain hygiene measures can remedy tired or dark circles. Here are 8 natural concealers that will help you regain a sparkling look


What causes dark circles and puffiness?

The appearance of dark circles or puffiness is mainly attributable to poor blood circulation and a disruption of the lymphatic tissues ("supporting" tissues).


The lymph is responsible for the drainage of the tissues. If it does not work well, the elimination of pigments grouped under the skin will not be able to be done correctly. The epidermis is up to 4 times thinner under the eyes than on the rest of the body, which is why dark circles of a brown color (grouped pigments) or bluish (visible vascularization) often appear in this area. Dark circles can also be caused by the hereditary factor or by an unhealthy lifestyle.


Puffiness is the result of an accumulation of water and fat under the eyes. A poor lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, lack of sleep, etc.) can cause water retention. Lymphatic vessels can also be the source of the problem if they are not working properly.



 A little freshness to counter puffy eyes


The cold reactivates blood circulation as well as that of the lymphatic tissues. Here are some tips to apply in case of dark circles:


Cold water compresses...

When you wake up, you sometimes notice that the skin around your eyes is swollen. To remedy this, simply apply compresses soaked in cold water on each of the eyelids for a few minutes. The swelling of the eyes will have clearly diminished after this application.


Ice cubes

You can also opt for small ice cubes wrapped in a towel so as not to attack the skin. The effect will be faster due to the cooler temperature of the ice cubes.



Spoons made of metal cool very quickly in the refrigerator. Applied to the eyes, they will have the same effect as cold water compresses or ice cubes.


Lemon to depigment dark circles

The acidity of lemon to fade dark circles

Lemon is a fruit very rich in antioxidants which have many virtues, in particular on the prevention and slowing down of certain cancers and the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


In order to fight against very pigmented dark circles, use lemon juice. Soak two cotton balls with a few drops of lemon juice. Then place them under the eyes for about ten minutes. Repeat this every night for good results. If you want to have a solution that is both bleaching and moisturizing, mix the lemon juice with a little oil. 

Auragano Under Eye Balm

A multi-action under eye balm is to measurably reduce the look of multiple signs of aging around eyes including lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

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